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So my first discovery of Dayna Chiplin, stuntwoman of awesome, was in this video of a stunt-scene from Legend of the Seeker ep2:17.

I then proceeded to make gifs and squee all over the place:

I believe I said: Does anyone know who this stuntperson is? I sort of love her.

Then Dayna got famous on twitter and all involved in Save Our Seeker and became a celebrity in her own right and it was cool that I'd noticed her earlier and stuff. I followed her online as she started her stunt school and thought how awesome that was.

And then I left fandom. For an extended haitus. I don't know if it was a good or bad descision, but it happened.

And then I moved to New Zealand with my family.

Then, one day watching TV, my brother says, 'I wish I could study to be a stuntman.' I suddenly remembered: 'I know a stunt school! Right here in New Zealand!'

YOU GUYS. My brother is now friends with Dayna Chiplin.

My fandom obsession helped my brother find his new career.

My brother is now friends with a celebrity I follow on twitter.


(And now I've started watching Xena: Warrior Princess, the whole thing's come full, surreal circle)

A Cheaper World fanstrips

So copperbadgehas invented my new favourite webcomic: A Cheaper World

It’s like this: groupon.com presents its offers in rows of three with little stock photos. Sam saw the hidden three-panel comic, the surreal and horrifying stories between the smiling ladies and the chunks of steak, and ran with it. And it is hilarious.

So I wandered over to groupon.com to see for myself, and I guess I got insanely lucky because every other line told a story. This happened:

Sam does alt texts. I tried to resist.

And then I spent four hours making more. Sam kindly said I could post :)

Only the strongest are chosen...Collapse )

So... I haven't posted here in a while. Like a really long while.


*introspective thoughts on why I had to take a break from fandom go here*

*apologies for vanishing off the face of the earth go here*


I have something non fandom but hopefully amusing to post which I'll get on with in the morning.

And then I'll probably gush about Xena for a while, because I just discovered that show, and damn.

For now, just, you know. Wiping the dust off a bit.


*hugs LJ*


Writing, Caterpillars, Art. Obviously.

Three bits of something:

1) I sent some stories to some magazines/competitions. Yes, I'm totally freaked out about it. People will judge me homg. And I had to write covering letters. THE HORROR.

2) For my birthday way back in March, my mum gave me a 'Grow Your Own Butterflies' kit which is exactly as awesome/crazy as it sounds. I got the caterpillars in the post last week - I've never recieved a package with living things in it before, it's utterly insane. They come in a little pot with food in it, which you are not supposed to open until they become chrysalides.

Cut for discussion of GIANT ORANGE HEADS and photo...Collapse )

I want to do a thing where I record a craft or art project every day/week. I don't mean do a craft or art project every day/week, I already do that, but actually take pictures and blog about it. Otherwise all this crap just goes to waste - and there's so MUCH of it! Therefore I present Today's Creative Project:

Daily Creative 1: Gift Card Plectrum

A very simple one to start us off.

I got the idea from a particular craft site, but I didn't make a note of it, and when I went searching for it I found that loads of people have come up with this idea. I couldn't claim originality even if I wanted to! Zakka life has a good tutorial.

I made this from an iTunes gift card and used nail-file emery board to smooth the edges down. It plays pretty good :D
It's been a long, long time! And I've missed you all so very much.


Legend of the Sneaker Presents: Bound and Desecrated: SNEAKER FTW Collapse )

Aten't Dead

*Whispers* Hello!

Just a quick post to say, I'm not dead, I'm working. On my dissertation and the five or six other projects I have to put together. And haven't started yet. I've basically enacted a NO FANDOM ban on myself, which means that I'm keeping up with my fandoms but not participating. Which sucks! Hope you're all having fun and are not sunburnt. See you after the end...


So, maybe I have some sort of affliction? Seekeritis? Seekerphilia? Seekerholicism? Something terrible, certainly. I spent all day today making these. I've never made gifs before and the learning curve, it was steep. Pretty sure I'm still getting it wrong, so if there's a problem let me know!

'Bound' Gifs - These are all Kahlan/Cara. A couple are maybe nsfw...



Warning. Mild crack ahead.Collapse )

Behind the Scenes Gifs - I am totally in love with this video here (warning! mild spoilers for 2x17) and, well, I needed that knife-flipping moment to keep for myself forever.

I can't wait to see these moves for real!Collapse ) 
Feel free to take/hotlink/spam/elope with these :)

Also, the Seeker-Fandom Lovefest was AMAZING! I love you all :D (Especially the maker of #73 ♥)

 There's a secret kink ficathon going around (shhh), where someone requested fic Cara/Kahlan arch-nemesis fic. Well, I couldn't think of any fic, so I drew this. It's a sort-of-a-fic (it has words!)

Title: In Bed With the Enemy
Fandom:/Source Material:
 Legend of the Seeker (Superhero AU)
Rating: PG13
Characters: Supervillain!Cara/Superhero!Kahlan
Deviant Art Link: HERE
Notes: Inspired by a prompt in a Very Secret Kinky ficfest :D


The Mother Confessor couldn't believe herself...Collapse )

This wasn't going to be how I spent my evening. I have no idea why these things keep happening to me!

Crack inspired by the lovely deej's twitter comments and these promo pictures here (spoliery for 2x14):  


 MOAR under the cut! (spoilery for 2x14)

Poor Nicci. She has so many problems with her noodles.Collapse )

Femslashy Fanvids From 2007

I'm supposed to be working hard on my final project and instead I'm organising my online life. This feels very familiar...

Well anyway, I made these two vids in early 2007 and never posted them, which was silly. They are for tiny, rare little fandoms! They are quite good! Well, they're okay, I hope. I don't make them quite like this any more. I definitely grown as a vidder :)

Title: Let's Go!
Fandom: Foxfire
Song: C'mon Let's Go by Girlschool
Rating: pg13
Summary: 'What are you girls, hmm? Some kind of gang? Girls who run with foxes and that sort of thing?'
Pairing: Gen with Legs/Maddie subtext.

Embedded video, download links and notesCollapse )

Title: A Little Respect 
Fandom: D.E.B.s
Song: A Little Respect by Erasure
Rating: pg
Summary: Lucy Diamond is in love - and she's not going to take it lying down. Silly fluffiness.
Pairing: Lucy/Amy

Embedded video, download links and notes.Collapse )

*uses foxfire icon* YAYS.

Also, I've just had the best idea for a multifandom blonde/brunette femslash video. Only I have no time to put it together :(


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